Friday, April 3, 2009


Mikal waited in the alley. The ranger would appear soon. She had kept to the same habits for weeks and now it was going to cost her life. Since the daring raid that liberated the girl, the sister of that miscreant Ethan. Mikal still bore the scars from their last encounter and for that he wanted the rogue to pay and pay dearly. Mikal had made a vow to kill everyone that was close to the Ethan, to make them pay and to ensure they knew why it was they were about to die.

Like clockwork the ranger Larien walked by the alley. With lighting accuracy Mikal tossed a dagger which dropped the ranger prone and slid her into the alley. Looming over her the halfling slammed his fists into the rangers prone body. With a laugh Mikal taunted Larien. "You know why you're going to die girl? It's because you choose poor friends, that's..." Mikal's voice cut off as a groan escaped his lips.

Stumbling to the ground Mikal looked at the figure standing above him. A familiar face leaned forward as a dagger plunged into his heart.

Turning from the dead halfling Ethan helped Larien to her feet. "I told you I had your back Larien, let's get you home now." Together the two friends made their way back to the Clifftop Guild.

Hidden in an alley across the way a hidden figure nodded silently to himself. So the rumours were true, Ethan Dalruun had returned to Sharn. The figure moved quickly, there would be others who would want to act on the information quickly.

The next morning Ethan found himself returning to old habits from a life time ago. While running through the Clifftop district a figure stepped in front of Ethan. Removing his hood a human stood before him. "Ethan Dalruun, Cavallah of the Cogs wishes to meet with you. He is aware of the death of Mikal of the Boramear's and knows of your involvement in Xandrar. I will await your answer outside the Clifftop Guild in two hours time." With that the man turned and walked away.

Puzzled Ethan continued his run. Returning to the guild he quickly equipped himself and left a note with the barkeep Tharuk. Stepping out of the guild hall Ethan quickly located the mysterious human. "Take me to Cavallah, I am anxious to meet with such a well connected individual." Ethan smiled, it had been some time since he ventured down to the Cogs.

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Jay Vandendool said...

Larien makes a return eh? I bet Ethan has her back. 8^)

Nice write up.