Friday, September 20, 2013

Flame's Justice

The forest of ash makes our journey a quite one. Any creatures intent on harming us will have no problem approaching unheard; fortunately the Mark of Detection enhances my already keen eye sight allowing me to see everything around us.

After days of travelling on foot I see a structure half buried in the ash and soot thanks in no small part to the magic of my Dragonmark. It’s a temple to a long-forgotten deity. This is the first and only shelter we’ve seen in days. Unfortunately I also see a Salamander archer guarding the entrance. Clearly this Salamander (and likely more of his kind) is holing up here to rest after the long journey from Cauldron.

Normally I’d avoid these creatures and not risk combat, but we need to get out of the ash, if only for a few hours. And then I noticed that this Salamander is wearing a uniform of the Cauldron brute squad. He must be punished for his part in the Korred’s ongoing torment. The Flame teaches that those who abuse their power and authority will one day face retribution by those stronger than them. Today is that day.

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