Friday, October 25, 2013

For Ragnolin

Ethan didn't like it. Not one bit. Only Braddoc agreed with him that obtaining one item wasn't worth it. But since when had the party ever listened to the two of them? It was funny really, Ethan and Braddoc finally agreed on something. Six take them, this was the decision.

Walking back into the throne room it was clear something had changed. The room was twice the size. That bitch of a devil Bealzra was shackled up and more statues.

Ethan's heart skipped a beat. That was Ragnolin. How was this possible!

Ethan felt small and powerless. The last time such hopelessness overcame him he was fourteen and lying in an alley. Mikal had just beaten him to within an inch of his life. It was a feeling Ethan had sworn he would never experience again. Never would such a sense of powerlessness define him or overcome him. Master Dourstone had provided a home, work and safety when no one else would. Something had to be done.

Ethan's ears tuned back to the conversation. The deal was off, the party was leaving. No. No, no, no. Ethan looked up at met Delian's eyes. Only the barest of nods indicated his intentions, but he was sure Delian knew and understood them. Calling upon all his skill, all his training Ethan closed the ground between Nephigor and struck. He knew the risk. He knew the party might not survive, but at that moment Ethan would rather die than walk out on Ragnolin. It was time to finish this.

With the battle over the party looked to the door of what was believed to be the treasure chamber. Ethan moved to the door. "Good riddance," he said as he turned to Helia and Delian. "Now to get that door..." He paused mid sentence as they all came to the sudden realization.

"That bitch just destroyed the hands we needed to open those doors" Nenia stated.

The pace of the rune pulsing on the floor quickened. 

"Perhaps" replied Braddoc. "But I have the feeling another set of hands is coming. Make ready."

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