Sunday, October 27, 2013

Talk Of The Devil And He's Bound To Appear

Lord Zul'bar paused mid-sentence and turned to Fil'Sook.

"Prepare the portal."

As his servant hurried into the next room, Zul'bar addressed the woman before him. "I must apologize but it has come to my attention that I am required in the Devil's Eye immediately. Continue as you have been doing and both of our goals will soon be reached."

The woman before him nodded, bowed and left the room with her hulking servant.

Zul'bar's muscled forearm flexed as his lifted his mace and made his way after Fil'Sook. It would take a few moments to prepare the portal. Travel between planes was never fully predictable. He was pleased to see that Fil'sook and his guards were already armed and prepared to step through the forming portal on his command.

Bowing his head as he spoke Fil'sook informed his master that the portal should soon stabilize. "Shall I return for the souls that the Lady procured for us or shall you have them follow us through?"

"Leave them. There is no where they can go. We'll return for them once the matter at hand is dealt with." He closed his eyes for a moment and concentrated. "I can sense who is in my throne room. Bring forth the child."

Zul'bar folded his wings and watched the runed circle on the floor quicken its pulse.

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