Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Braddoc has a few words for the group...

Okay guys, just like in Derek's previous post, the following is delivered by Braddoc (the surly, unpleasant, pigheaded dwarf) from his point of view. I'm also ret-conning this a bit to make it fall into a more sensible spot in the story line. Assume my character said this during the most inconvenient and awkward moment possible during the boat ride out to our current location:

If we are to succeed, we have to be able to work together as a team, like soldiers, not a bunch of self-centered heroes. We need to identify the vital gound for each battle. This will determine our success or failure. Sometimes the vital ground is a person or item! We absolutely failed in this when you all rushed ahead to the kobolds instead of helping to defend poor illien (or whatever his name was, no summary has been posted *ahem* so I don't recall his exact name, you all know who I mean!). We had what they wanted, so they would have come to us. Your failure to do this cost a man his life. A leader's job is to make sure this happens and to the adjust the plan as necessary. Leadership doesn't stop when we say go.

Additionally, we all need to know how to fight WITH one another. Any engagement we have should revolve around me. As the toughest SOB in this group of slag, I should be the center of attention of whomever we are fighting. I will move around only to keep their attention, or to gain the attention of any additional opponents. ONLY if there are too many for me to handle should anyone else attempt this, that include the self-righteous and judgemental

And damn it, Jonathan, I like you, but your job is to KEEP ME ALIVE long enough so that they kill or capture whatever we're engaging. And you guys need to do whatever it takes to take out the highest priority enemies, together and fast, before we lose any more innocent people, or the gods forbid, one of us.

If we don't start acting like a team we will all die as heroes.


Cave2626 said...

Truer words were never spoken. I think Delian is coming around on his initial misjudgment of Braddoc. Let’s see how the next few battles play out.

I think we did a much better job in combat this past Sunday then the week before. Having a battlefield leader was extremely useful.

Dave said...

Dangit, I forgot that the greater and less than symbols change text in html... All of my scathing finger pointing and stares never made it into the post... :P

Neil said...

Nice post! I can't wait to write a response to it.

You can always edit it and add in all the finger pointing!

skallawag said...

After playing a wizard in Curtis' Tuesday night campaign, I can't help but wonder if having a controller type character would help the group dynamic greatly.

We won't be burning up heals as early and the minions would be less of an issue.

If we need a wizard badly, I'm always willing to switch ;) (i don't know if 2 strikers is necessary)

Jay Vandendool said...

I leave that to the group to decide. If you opt for that then roll one up and I'll figure out what to do about it in terms of gameplay/magic items.

Neil said...

In the players guide they recommend 1 of each player type: defender, leader, striker and controller. After that is completed they recommend the doubling up start with defenders and then strikers.

We have the interesting party of:
2 defenders
2 leaders
2 strikers
0 controllers

At the end of the day the party needs to decide what is best. However, no one should be forced to play something they don't want.

Besides if Cary retire's Larien then who will Ethan drool about?

Jay Vandendool said...

The hot wizard named Larien?

skallawag said...

I'd go for that!