Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Larien's Journal - 17 Sypheros

At last I am a member of the guild instead of a slave to it. Now instead of Ragnolin paying me, I'm now paying him. But should I die a glorious death, I shall not need to pay any dues!

I have come to accept the fact that we are letting the warforged be the leader of our party in combat. His tactics are sound, but as a group we are still a bit inexperienced. On the other hand, I'd like to shoot the dimwitted Cleric myself as he has charged first into battle on more than one occasion. It was funny to have the Cleric ask me why I do more damage than he does. I wanted to tell him to spend more time at his church and pray for some skill, but I might need him to heal my ass one day.

I hear the squabbling of these men, and it reminds me of the other full-time bar wenches back at the Guildhouse who constantly bitch and complain. I would tell them to just give it more time to trust and rely on each other as a group as many of us still green to battle. But then some of them started talking about their faith and a silver flame and I lost total interest in the conversation. Such egos in this party. The quiet one, Ethan, seems to be one I can rely on. He is smart in how he deals with the enemy and he often tells me he has my back -- hopefully in a good way.

I am a warrior.
I'm a tactical warrior.
I feel like more of an assassin.
I rely on stealth and slaying my foes from afar.

Can I really have a glorious battle when I rarely face my enemies toe to toe? I suppose there will come a day where I will be face to face with foe -- are these the types of battles my patron ancestor wishes me to engage in? Or can I find glory in how I operate now?


Jay Vandendool said...

8 Rhaan - Mines
9 Rhaan - back to Black Pit
11 Rhaan - Starting to head North to Crawar
13 Rhaan - Tiefling encounter
17 Sypheros - Return to guild house

Celestial Bison said...

I was talking as a player and commenting on the difference between 4th edition and 3.5 when I said the support characther do more damage.

It was not Jonathon. He would never admit to something like that. :)

Otherwise good post.