Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ethan's Journal - Excerpts

15 Rhaan, 998 YK

We are returning to Sharn. The group seems much more at ease, though there is a gloom about us. Our last battle went better. We feld a pack of Kobolds. Sterling directed our efforts like a General. We centred the battle around Braddoc and the Kobolds fell. Our only shortfall was the death of yet another innocent. Hirelle, and worse a member of the Clifftop guild. Master Dourstone will no doubt be upset with us for failing to protect him. I feel that we need to do more to protect others that are drawn into these conflicts, but I grasp at straws as to how this can be accomplished.

I still notice Jonathon giving me odd looks due to my fighting tactics. Six take him, but his looks of disapproval make me feel shameful. Often I wish that I wore heavy armour like Delian, Braddoc, and Jonathon. That I had the skill at arms to weild a longsword with proficiency. I feel life would be easier, that I might be better accepted by the others. Yet, I know that I'm good at what I do. Perhaps, that's the scariest part. I'm able to take my foes down with calculated, well timed blows. By placing my enemy off balance I exploit his weakness. It might not be honourable, but I learned my lesson years ago about honourable combat. I'm surprised that some of those that I fight with who have survived the war still fight with honour. From stories I've heard the last war was anything but honourable.

18 Sypheros, 998 YK

Olladra has blessed me! A member of the Clifftop Guild! This is beyond my greatest dreams. I shall to work hard to prove that Master Dourstone made the right choice to bestow such a great honour upon me. I have decided to leave my apartment in lower ward and use the lodging provided in the guildhouse. It isn't ideal, but it is safer and will provide greater opportunities for me.

Greatest of all is the adventure I am now on! We are sailing out to find a wreck and lost treasure. This is as close to Xen'drik as I'm likely to get. The salt breeze on my skin is fantastic. My natural balance and acrobatic training is paying off. Where some of the others having been off balance I find the motion of the ship natural. Almost soothing. It was funny as the other day I saw Braddoc bent over the aft railing. His face ashen as he let loose his guts! I must confess that I had a good laugh at his plight. I suppose he'd prefer mountain halls to the open seas.

I notice too that the others feel ill at ease. We have been warned that we might be attacked at any time by Shaughin who live in these waters. We were also warned against wearing heavy armour lest we get tossed over board and sink like stones. Their constant pacing and brooding due to lack of activity is depressing and so I spend my time on the deck, removed from the others. I feel free, and it feels good.

One more thing have I noticed. That is Larien. She seems distant, pre-occupied by her thoughts. She doesn't have her bow at her side all the time and when she does she holds like it is an alien object. I worry for her, but don't know what I can do to help. Perhaps it is just being at sea. She is a full blooded Valerain elf. I suppose she'd rather be astride a horse than at sea. Perhaps dwarves and elves have more in common than I thought.

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