Monday, July 14, 2008

Jonathon’s Journal 7 Barrakas, 998 YK

I haven’t written in my journal in some time so perhaps today is a good day to write a few things down.

I woke up this morning and had my usual breakfast, Goats Milk and left over stew from the day before. I got dressed and polished my mace and shield while chanting a few prayers to Onatar. Then I laid them out on my bed before my morning prayers to the Host. Like every other day since the age of 13, I offered my thanks to Dol Dorn for giving me a chance to make a difference in this world. I don’t know my parents, but the memory of that dark day when Shekkal told me what happened has haunted me with nightmares ever night since. Last night was no exception. But at least the birds were chirping and the morning sun rise was giving birth to a beautiful day. Knowing that Arawai had blessed Sharn with such beautiful weather lately brought a warm comfort to my soul.

10 minutes into my morning prayers, I knew my faith in Dol Dorn would be tested soon. It was an odd but comfortable feeling. I’ve been so good at keeping busy that I rarely have the time to confront my feelings but this one was strong and I knew it could be trusted.

I feel safe in Sharn, especially since beginning work as a chaplain at the guild. People come to me for all sorts of spiritual advice and confess the strangest things. I feel I’ve earned the respect of most members and they seem to look after each other.

I normally don’t take my weapons and armor to work. But because of the feelings I had during my prayers I knew danger might be lurking so I decided to take my shield and mace to be on the safe side. Putting on my chainmail though mould be overdoing it though and would certainly bring unwanted attention.

It didn’t take long for my spiritual gift of intuition had come true. After a short 10 minute walk to work I rounded the corner of the street where the guild is and came across a man being robbed by a bunch of well armed thugs.

There was no choice. My oath to Dol Dorn and Dol Arrah made the decision to aid the guy outnumbered 5 to 1 easy. Without evening thinking, I rushed forward yelling at the criminals to stop what they were doing.

Then out of no where, my co-worker and buddy Ethan came out of the shadows to stab one of the assailants. I was happy to no longer be outnumbered but disappointed that Ethan would lower himself to such dishonorable combat techniques. But I didn’t have time to think about that as there were criminals in front of me to dispatch.

Good thing Sterling and Delian were also on their way to work. They must have heard to commotion and ran into help. Delian’s faith in the Sivler Flame brought him much strength so I knew the criminals would no longer be a match. With their arrival the fight was now almost even. Five of them and four of us. Shit went down for another minute or so. I ran over to heal the guy. He surely would have died in the street before my eyes had the Host not blessed me as a channel of their divine healing. The guy was blessed with luck by Alladra that we had arrived in time to save him.

I think Ethan was a little upset with me afterwards as I left him to fend off one of the attackers while I healed the wounded man. But in the heat of the moment my concern was to save the innocent. I felt Ethan could withstand the attack for a few extra moments. After ensuring the guy was still alive, I continued to lay the smack down on the criminals. Shit continued to hit the fan, moment later, three bandits dead, the archer surrendered and I tackled one of the mace wielding guys.

Eight city guards and Ragnolin arrived from the guildhouse at exactly the same time to see what was going down. I’m sure my battle cry to Dol Dorn woke half the city up. The rogue I was holding managed to get away and four guards went after him.

The Watch captain blamed us for killing the three bandits and fined us 200 gold happened. I was diplomatic about it and didn’t want to cause a scene, especially in front of Ragnolin. He has done so much for us that I felt I owe him. But I definitely disagree with the guards and felt justified in my actions. I’m confident that I passed the test Dol Dorn set out for me today. I would have it no other way. Keeping my faith has always been more important than the upholding unjust laws.

I later found out the thugs were from the Deathsgate Adventuring Guild. I get so focused in battle that I can develop tunnel vision on the enemy I engage and sometimes do not hear what’s said in the heat of battle from comrades. Working in a unit has not been my strength. I’ve always preferred fighting my own battles. But I have good feelings from my friends that I should make an effort to change.

In the end, the guy we saved had 200 gold that was recovered from the thieves. I offered immediately to help the guy with bandits in his home town called Black Pit. After a quick prayer to Kol Korran it seemed like a reasonable transaction. The rest of my friends were unsure and waited for Ragnolin to return after talking with the guy we saved. He basically said the same thing with the 200 gold being used to repay him since he paid the fine for us. It felt nice that he said the same thing.

I went back to work and the rest of the day went uneventful except for dinner with Shekka. Most of my conversations with her in the past few months have been positive but this one made me feel depressed. I think she is worried for my safety and this will be my first official adventure outside Sharn. I tried my best to assure her that I am big enough and old enough to look after myself but I had an uneasy feeling when I retired to my room. Somehow I can’t help but think that she is right and that many dangers lie ahead for my friends and I in the days to come.

We are leaving for Black Pit in the morning so I better get some rest.

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