Thursday, November 27, 2008

Correspondence - 9 Vult

9 Vult

Master Dourstone,

I was surprised to receive your letter. We are doing well and resting after rescuing some prisoners from Delver’s Dale. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Upon arriving in the Dale the town quickly came under attack. The group ran to assist the local militia however the attack was a diversion and several townspeople were kidnapped and priceless artifacts were stolen.

We managed to rescue all the captives but one. Unfortunately, Kartenix fought to free himself and was killed. Also, we failed to recover one of the items. A crown of some sorts, the teifling Skamos seemed to think it had great value. I feel that I have failed you, the Guild, and most importantly Kartenix. We were to escort him to Sharn and instead we allowed ourselves to become distracted.

However, this is all in the past. We will of course travel to Flamekeep, though without the information Kartenix could provide I feel that we will fail again. It is a hard thing to feel so helpless.

Otherwise, things have been well. I continue to keep write my journal as you suggested. At first I was hesitant; however I believe it a good way to reflect on how I have grown. I must confess Master that I enjoy the thrill of battle in a way I could never have imagined. My thoughts run dark as I envision new ways to battle and bring down my foes. I fear I delight in the pain of my enemies too much.

I must confess I was puzzled when the boy Tharunn, Kartenix’s son, delivered your letter to me. My puzzlement turned to wonder as I noted the smaller envelope inside the first addressed only to me. As the others were present when the letter was delivered I slipped the second envelope into my bracer. I do not believe the others noticed this and having read your private letter I realize this was a wise course of action.

I thank you for sharing your discoveries with me. This brings trouble I long thought buried back to light. I will tend to these matters when I return to Sharn. If you could see to it that she is looked after, I will repay any expenses. As for justice, or perhaps my final vengeance, it will have to wait.

Regarding your final request, I will of course keep my eye out and report back to you on my findings.

Olladra guide you,

Ethan Dalruun

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Cave2626 said...

Way to teases us. You gave us just enough information for the players to wonder what’s going on while the characters themselves have no reason to be curious. Nicely played by both you and the DM.