Friday, November 28, 2008

Delian’s Observations

10 Vult, 998 YK

Since rescuing Jalissa from the catacombs she has been smitten with me. Before we found her she underwent a terrible ordeal and it nearly broke her. She was fragile, vulnerable, and desperate. And then she saw me and everything changed for her. She clung to the hope that she would be rescued and that hope became reality. She felt she had lost everything, and when I freed her she felt like she needs to offer me everything she had in return. She keeps thanking me for saving her life. I have told her repeatedly that it was the efforts and heroics of many people that lead to her freedom, but she doesn’t hear any of it. I believe she thinks she’s in love with me.

Clearly the feelings stem from the circumstances of her capture and rescue. She would feel the same way about whomever she first laid eyes on. Had Braddoc gone into that room first this would be his problem and not mine.

But eleven days have past and Jalissa is still enamored with me. She has had plenty of time to show a change of heart. She is back in her home surrounded by her friends and family. She should feel safe here. She should not be acting out of character. So does that mean that she is developing genuine feelings for me? It may be naive of me to thinks so, but what if that is exactly what’s happening. I’d be a fool to turn away the advances of such a beautiful woman. She is everything I desire.

If I take the reward Jalissa is freely offering me, the people of Delver’s Dale and my own companions might think I have violated her trust. They may scorn my reciprocation of her affections. Well, that’s just something they will have to deal with. I will spend one night with Jalissa before we leave for Flamekeep. Accepting her love may seem inappropriate now, but repressing my own desires and later discovering that her feelings were genuine would make me feel stupid for a long time to come.

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Jay Vandendool said...


I'm guessing Delian hasn't had any experience with those psycho-protective girlfriends yet.

Do I smell a difficult skill-challenge in the making here?