Sunday, November 30, 2008

Braddoc's Thoughts

Leadership. It's what I have been asking for Sterling and Delian to show for as long as we have been travelling together. I am now regretting it.

Cowardice. That is the type of leadership they have chosen.

Appeasers. Skulking about. This is no way for warriors and heroes to behave. Buying our way through public land, at a price immeasurably too high. Hundreds of gold and an innocent, loyal animal just to avoid combat with a puffed up reptile.

Pusillanimity. Hiding behind undue fear of loss to minor challenges.

Honour. In order to retain my honour, I may have to bid adieu to these folks. If they continue to conduct themselves as spineless syncophants they are not worthy of my companionship or friendship.

My association with them hangs in the balance.


Jay Vandendool said...


Cave2626 said...

I’d be interested to know what it would take for Braddoc to back down form a fight. Or is he so arrogant that he believes that any foe can be defeated in combat? Perhaps Braddoc needs to take a sound beating by an opponent tougher than the party before he realizes that not all problems are best solved by the chopping of an axe. I look forward to the role playing implications.

Dave said...

It would probably take a severe, if not close to fatal beating. And he would probably still blame you guys. :P