Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Travelling to the Eldeen Reaches

24 Vult

Assuming that overland travel is not an option, we’ll have to travel by air or sea.

Taking an airship is prohibitively expensive and I don't think we can afford it. Although the journey to Merylsward can be covered in just over 1 day it would cost us 600 gp each. I know I cannot afford that.

That means we travel by sea. And as with the airship, cost will be a huge factor for us. The two options that fall into our price range are a traditional sailing ship or soarwood sailing ship. Neither typically has any ties to House Lyrandar and as such are not powered by elemental and do not usually have a Lyrandar captain at the helm.

The sailing ship will take 13 days to reach Stormhome and then another 15 to reach the north coast near Merylsward. The 28 day journey will cost us 39 gp each.

The soarwood sailing ship will take 6 days to reach Stormhome and then another 7 to reach the north coast near Merylsward. The 13 day journey will cost us 64 gp each.

So for a difference of 15 gp we can cut our traveling time in half.

Since Merylsward is landlocked we’re looking at a 25 mile ride through the forest once we disembark. But even at half speed we should be able to cover this distance in 1 day.

Assuming we can all afford the 64 gp, I've got contacts in the Church who can help us find an honest and reliable captain. Once we agree on a course of action it should only take a day or two to find a suitable ship.

I can also arrange for everyone’s travelling papers. That’s another 25 gp each and is an unavoidable cost of crossing an international border.

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Jay Vandendool said...

Assume that you have travelling papers already provided through your Guildhouse. It is part of the perks or being a member.