Friday, December 5, 2008

Letter from Ragnolin

The gnome entered Thelio's waiting chamber. Thelio's assistant easily recognized the symbol of the House Sivis upon the lapel of the delivery man.

"I have a message for the warforged named Sterling."

His face showed no emotion as he waited patiently for Thelio's assistant to retrieve the warforged from his musings.

"Are you the one known as Sterling?"

"I am." replied the warlord.

The gnome's eyes glazed as he spoke a quick incantation beneath his breath. Whatever it was he did it seemed to satisfy Sterling's claim. He handed over a sealed note, nodded, and left.

"Thank you Reeson." he said to the butler. He opened the letter and read it to himself. No emotion showed upon his face as he took in the information it contained. When he was finished he turned and went to seek the others. They needed to hear this.

Hail respected members of the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild,

In my last letter I told you I would help you in any manner I could. To that end I wanted to update you on some information and happenings that pertain to your current situation.

The elf, Kal'ser, who hired my dear friend Kartenix and his group is here in Sharn. He came to see me late the other evening. He was concerned that he had not received the item and was looking for an update on its status. After learning of the fate of his employees his mood seemed to darken. Aside from his obviously sincere condolences, he was very concerned that two of the items now seem to be in the hands of the tiefling Skamos. He wishes to extend the contract that was drawn up with Kartenix. Upon retrieval of both stolen items he will not only make good on the gold promised Kartenix and such, he will double that amount. He would not name the amount of the payment. My years of experience in dealing with these types of folk tell me he is holding back information but I do believe that he is honest in his offer.

I did not tell him that I have already asked you to follow up for the Guild's sake. A shrewd adventurer would consider this an opportunity to make additional profit for something they were goig to do anyway. Of course, the choice to do anything is yours.

Enclosed is a letter of credit for 100 gold to help cover the cost of your stay in Flamekeep.

It is my hope that I receive word from you regarding your next move.

Ragnolin Dourstone.


Jay Vandendool said...

This letter arrives a coupe days prior to your departure north.

Cave2626 said...

Perhaps Kal'ser is not the scorned lover of the Phoenix Queen as we first suspected. Maybe he's one of the assassins or is somehow affiliated with their guild? This new information certainly raises more questions.

And I find it interesting that the fist letter came to Ethan and the second letter to Sterling. Were those deliberate choices or is Ragnolin choosing randomly?

Neil said...

Interesting... The plot thickens...

Jay Vandendool said...

Just trying to involve everyone mate. No secret letter this time. 8^)

Jay Vandendool said...

Oh.. you do you really think I would make it so obvious as having Kal'ser being some mythical ancient elf? I've been working on this plot for a solid year mate.

Neil said...

Hehe... I can vouch that Jay isn't being manipulative with the letters.