Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Delian’s Observations - Homecoming

19 Vult

I’ve heard many veterans speak of a euphoria they experience when returning home after a long campaign, but it wasn’t until I got off the lightning rail in Sigilstar that I truly understood what they meant.

Less than two years had passed since I left Thrane for Breland. But upon seeing the familiar sights, walking down the streets I travelled during my childhood, and seeing my father again that I truly realized how much I missed it all.

When in Sharn I learned to ignore the stares and insults thrown at me simply because of my nationality and my faith. Being home and being accepted allowed me to lower my guard. People smile as I walk past them. Many offer me the blessing of the Flame and wish me well. The warmth of community has reminded me just how brightly the Flame can burn.

But as I enjoy this homecoming my companions receive the flip side of the coin. Their clothes, mannerisms, and speech clearly mark them as foreigners. The sight of a warforged walking freely causes great concern for many common folk.

It seems that my own countrymen have the same dislike for my companions that the Brelish have for me. It’s funny how people of different countries can behave so similarly. Perhaps they are not as different as they all think they are.

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Jay Vandendool said...

Nice to see someone from Thrane opening their eyes to the rest of the world and seeing something different! Could we be seeing a change of outlook in our healer-in-a-metal-suit?