Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recap #12 - Information Overload?

Lots of information to absorb from this recap!
After reading the letter from Ragnolin Dourstone the party decided it was time to do some information gathering. They talked to Tharunn, Sertanian, and Sinruth. Here is the information in no particular order:

Tharunn’s details and info on the NPCs

  • Tharunn had been born in Sharn. In fact he spent the first 2 years of his life within the guildhouse.
  • He moved to Flamekeep when he was 2 and lived within the church while he father was away. His mother died at birth.
  • He had been travelling for about a month with his father. They were taking the scenic route to Sharn so that Kartenix could teach him about travel and general wilderness survival.
  • They had been beset by wererats and his father contracted filth fever. That is why he was in bed in the inn during the original hobgoblin raid.
  • He knows the following people:
    Kartenix (human fighter) usual travel companions were:
    Hi’relle – Halfling Ranger was killed by Skamos and relieved of the item he was carrying.
    Dylol – Gnome Wizard
    Tassad – Human Cleric - Both Dylol and Tassad were found dead in the Silver Mug Inn where they had been staying. Evidence of a battle indicates they died fighting.
    Hovet – Half-Elf Bard went missing around the same time Dylol and Tassad were killed.
    Jaryn Votuur – Human Paladin of the Silver Flame was a long time friend of Kartenix. Tharunn speaks highly of him as Jaryn taught him to read.
    Thelio – dwarf who owns an extensive library of old books and historic data. Tharunn is fond of him as the old dwarf has taught him many lessons based on history.
    Kristoff – Human mage who was helping Kartenix research information on his latest mission. Not many people like him as he has the social graces of a bugbear. He never smiles, is snobby, and very matter-of-fact.

Info from Sertanian

  • Sertanian checked records. Didn’t think it was magical. Been on display for so long. No one has touched it in decades.
  • In 816 YK, Elmen Von Jallach obtained the helm after a great battle against the goblinoids in the area.
  • It is said the power of the crown helped the leader of the goblinoids to bring the tribes together.

Info from Sinruth

  • Delian promised to ensure Sinruth’s last days were as comfortable as possible.
  • Sinruth wants revenge on Skamos for leaving him hanging
  • Only reason PCs weren’t swarmed by the crypts denizens was that Skamos wouldn’t allow it. Almost like the tiefling was testing the PCs.
  • Skamos had promised Sinruth leadership over all the regions hobgoblin tribes in exchange for his assistance in raiding the town.
  • Found it amusing that after countless battles his bodyguard Gorax was essentially hugged to death.
  • Only request was to be buried with his weapon.

Details on Kartenix’ recent job

  • Group was hired by elf named Kal’ser to obtain an artifact from a ruins on the edge of the Demon Wastes.
  • They were successful in obtaining and returned to Flamekeep to retrieve payment.
  • Thelio told them it was a Mask known as the Raptor’s Mask. Not sure of full powers but knows it help you see better and helped protect the wearer from effects that obscured vision.
  • Old temple in the North of the Eldeen Reaches. It was in the possession of a viscious Mezzodemon named Harkulith. They are known for hording treasure. How the group managed to retrieve the item from him and his lackeys remains a mystery to Thelio.
  • When they got to Flamekeep they were given a note requesting the item be moved secretly to Sharn.
  • They were asked to avoid air and rail travel as those modes of transportation were being watched.
  • Kartenix and Tharunn took the opportunity to make the trip together so Kartenix could teach his son about the wilderness.
  • Hi’relle was given the item since he was most familiar moving stealthily through the wilderness if it was required.
  • Other 3 members stayed in Flamekeep to keep up appearances that item was remaining there.

Info Learned in Flamekeep

  • Kristoff seems to have taken an expedition to somewhere in the Talenta Plains.
  • Jaryn left Flamekeep 3 weeks ago with his 4 usual party members. Seems he made a promise to help fight a cult uprising in the Eldeen Reaches.
  • Tharunn actually came through for the group and found out that Jaryn must have been in a rush as he pulled in some favours within the church and made use of an airship to get to Owl’s Perch. From there he was heading to Merylsward.
  • Before you guys leave Flamekeep you receive a message from Delver’s Dale that a hobgoblin raiding party managed to sneak in and free Sinruth two days prior to his execution. 4 guards were killed in the escape. Nothing has been seen or heard from him since.
  • Info on the Regalia of the Phoenix is in another post.

Encounter in the Wilderness

  • En route to Flamekeep the group had a run in with a young green dragon.
  • Nenia managed to hide herself, Braddoc, and Delian with the magic candle but failed to include Tharunn who assumed he'd been abandoned. He no longer trusts those three.
  • Sterling struck a deal with the dragon. In exchange for safe passage he gave the dragon his Amulet of Health +1, 300 gp, and a horse.
  • The deal was almost blown by Braddoc who REALLY wanted to fight the scaley beast.
  • The incident strained some relationships within the group. Tharunn lost all respect for Braddoc as his father had always stressed that the only way to survive was to work as a team. One loose conductor stone can bring a whole train crashing down as Hi'relle used to tell him.

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