Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Regalia of the Phoenix

After all the research done prior to Kartenix’ expedition North, Thelio was able to tell you the following information about the items being sought.

The set consists of 4 items
  • Raptor’s Mask – taken from Hi’relle by Skamos. Said to give bonuses to sight and to protect the wear from conditions such as blindness.
  • Crown of Flames – taken from Delver’s Dale by Skamos via Sinruth
  • Talon Scepter – location unknown
  • Phoenix Cloak – location unknown

He also tells you the following lore regarding the set known as the Regalia of the Phoenix.

The regalia of the phoenix sears its story into the mind of every ambitious noble who hears it. It made its first fiery appearance in the possession of the Phoenix Queen, a sorcerer of tremendous power who took the throne of a long-forgotten kingdom by force. Because the Phoenix Queen possessed all the elements of the regalia, she could not be defeated, and anyone who rose against her was burnt to a cinder. After years of her vicious rule, a lover tricked her into removing her mask, pleading with her to see her face. When she pulled the mask away, revealing a face of cold beauty
untouched by remorse or sorrow, assassins rose from the shadows, and she fell beneath their many blades.

After the assassins killed the Phoenix Queen, they quarreled over the regalia. Only four survived, each taking a single piece. Fearing attempts by the others to steal their pieces, they fled the kingdom, spreading knowledge of the regalia of the phoenix to foreign lands.

The forgotten kingdom of legend was an elf-empire, and some say that the Phoenix Queen’s lover also survived the assassin’s quarrel. According to some, the lover was true to his pitiless mistress, and the assassins tricked him into asking the queen to remove her mask. Rumours persist that this elf lives still, clutching to life despite his extreme age and the call of his ancestors, hanging on with the inhuman strength that only a thirst for vengeance can give. It’s said he seeks any who would dare profit from the assassin’s foul deed by using any piece of the regalia. When he finds them, he snuffs out their lives as calmly as one might blow out a candle.

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