Saturday, December 6, 2008


I'm going to take a small liberty as DM in regards to Merylsward. I am going to say it is much closer to the water than it looks on the map. Here is a description I found on the Interweb that I will use as a description.

Located to the far north of the Eldeen Reaches, by the Eldeen Bay, the town is situated on an open area of land approximately 30 miles east of The Towering Wood.

Originally a frontier fort to protect the farmers in the region, the town grew with the families of the guardsmen and various support facilities. The town grew slowly until House Vadalis established an estate there. The town swelled in size, stabilizing on todays population of about 1200. A city wall was erected on the insistence of House Vadalis, constructed from locally mined granite. While the city itself may seem gray and dour, the inside of the buildings are usually quite colorful.

Merylsward has a small dock area down by the Eldeen Bay. A steep ridge separates the city and the docks, accessible through a set of stone stairs predating the city, a lift constructed and operated by House Cannith, and a road traversing the ridge about a mile to the south.

The town is highly seasonal. During summer and fall the city swells with seasonal workers helping with the spawning, hunters, traders from the Lhazaar Principalities and people wanting to earn money on those. These people take up residence in the Pens, an area outside the city walls consisting of tents, semi-permanent and quickly built structures. The Pens contain huge markets where someone can get their hands on just about anything during the season.

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