Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recap #11 - Meet Sinruth

  • Party moved east down pillared hall.

  • encountered a group of undead led by a Deathlock Wight. Group consisted of 2 gravehounds, a boneshard skeleton, the wight, and 5 decrepit skeletons that kept reanimated until all 5 were dead at the same time.

  • Sterling tried to intimidate the wight to no avail. Trading insults was fun.

  • Party eventually conquered the challenge and recieved some nice loot.

  • Went back west then north into an old shrine with an obelisk. Inside were 2 more wererats, a bugbear warrior and a sneaky little gnome arcanist. A nice bonus to the party was when the bugbear charged Ethan flinging a pew out of the way and subsequently knocked one of the wererats prone.

  • The party made quick work of the wererats and the bugbear but the arcanist was able to sneak away and flee. In the room was some of the missing artifacts.

  • Two options left to explore. The first ended up being a room with a scrying pool. Nothing overly exciting. Would have been much more useful earlier in the dungeon romp.

  • The second and last option was a stair leading up from where they found Jalissa. It led to a pitch black room containing several tall thin menhirs that emitted cold. While trying to determine if it was a freeze trap or something, the party threw water on and between the first two to see what would happen. At that point a door opened on the far end of the chamber and laughter echoed through the room.

  • It was none other then their previous aquaintance Skamos the warlock who killed Hi'relle. He held a crown of sorts in his hands. After some brief posturing he set two of his lackeys on the party and retreated back through the doors.

  • The lackeys were in fact Sinruth the hobgoblin leader of the raid and his bodyguard Gorax. Some well played tactics made this fight much easier than it could have been. Sinruth was unable to use his spiked chain to full effect in the midst of the menhirs and Sterling's grasps kept Gorax from being the threat he could have been. In the end Gorax was killed and Sinruth was knocked unconscious.
  • Skamos returned to taunt them and then retreated some once again. The party gave chase. Bursting through the last doors, they caught a last glimpse of Skamos reading a ritual from a scroll and teleporting to some unknown location.
  • Phats loots were found. Crown in Skamos hand turned out to be the Helm artifact they were supposed to retrieve for the townsfolk.
  • Party gathered the rescued hostages and headed home. On the way they collected the griffon egg from the clifface. Nenia had a particular interest in it.
  • Slow but uneventful journey to Delver's Dale took another 4 days putting them to 2nd of Vult upon their return.
  • Received quest reward for hostages. Received quest reward for items even though 1 was missing. Bringing Sinruth back alive made up for that issue.

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