Monday, November 24, 2008

Recap #10 - Nice 'Shrooms Man

Just whipping in a quick one. This is long past but I want to at least have a skeleton of what happened.
  • Party decided to check out the stairs going down near the entrance. Was a room full of mushrooms, 2 rage drakes, and goblin sharpshooters.
  • Good fight. Mushrooms did nasty things if you stepped on wrong ones, drakes and sharpshooters worked well together.
  • Found Zerriksa. Crusty old crone trapped in magical trap. Nenia's excellent Arcane knowledge made quick work of the trap. The party took a tongue lashing from the old bag before returning her to the rest of the rescuees.
  • Headed upstairs where they met an ambush of hobgoblins melee, some drakes, a hobgoblin hexer, and some crossbow turrets. Solid fight. Ended in victory after some solid tactics by the PCs. In room to the south the team found Jalissa bound to a wall. She instantly clung to Delian as he was the first one into the room. He basically has the most devoted groupie ever now.
  • Team headed North. At a 4-way interestion they went east. Found Thurann tied to a fountain in the dark. No monsters around that could be seen. They didn't tell him that his father was dead until he was returned to the safe area.
  • Team returned to intersection and was surprised by a partol of ghouls and skeletons. Undead retreated into the room they just left and slammed the door closed. Turns out they wanted to fight upon a black swirling area of negative energy that gave them regeneration 5.
  • Braddoc got in one of the most devastating blows of the campaign so far by dropping 3 of the undead from 1/2 hps to dead with one Sweeping Blow.
  • Proceeded West into t room with a raging demon. The beast seemed trapped in an invisible 20 foot square prison. On the far side was a human tied to a pillar and surrounded by dire rats. Noting that the demon was unable to get to them the group quickly split up and went around the "cage". That is when the trap was sprung. The human uttered a command word and released the demon.
  • When the party got closer they saw that the human was indeed a wererat. Two of the direrats changed to their bi-ped form and accosted the group.
  • Excellent tactics made quick work of the demon and its cronies.
  • That is where we ended for the night.

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