Monday, August 4, 2008

Braddoc Stoneshield

Braddoc was raised as the youngest son of the chieftan of the esteemed Stoneshield clan. Renowned throughout the Mror Holds for their courage and steadfastness, the Stoneshield clan was an established warrior family. Braddoc grew up listening to tales of how his ancestors turned the tide in many a battle by standing their ground and not wavering in the face of overwhelming odds.Eager to live up to his family reputation, Braddoc enlisted to fight in the Last War. In his first engagement there was a pitched battle against Karnnathi mercenaries. Part way through the battle, Braddoc's commander called for a withdrawal. Filled with tales of glorious steadfastness of his ancestors, Braddoc refused to follow orders. He stood his ground which forced his comrades to stay and cover him. Although his refusal to follow orders was bad, it was the insults to the courage and ancestry of his commander while doing so lead to his dishonourable discharge from the army.

In disgrace, Braddoc returned to his homeland. His father was furious with Braddoc and his insubordination, telling him he 'missed the point' of the stories and that he was too 'pig-headed' to stay. Braddoc was exiled from his clan home and told not to come back until he became more open minded and flexible and able to follow orders.Braddoc then wandered morosely through Khorvaire until he ended up in Sharn with the Clifftop Adventurers Guild. Around the guild Braddoc has a reputation as extremely dour, even for a dwarf. You guys are not so much his friends as the only ones that can stand being around him.You know his backstory, but it is coloured through his disgruntled eyes where he has no blame in the events that occurred.


Neil said...

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Cave2626 said...

Good back-story, Dave. Well worth the wait.

Jay Vandendool said...

I like it!

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