Thursday, August 7, 2008

Delian's Observations -- 8 Rhaan, 998 YK

The battle in the caves is over. The slavers have been killed and the townsfolk have been freed. The party has searched for clues, treasure, and information. During that time Delian has been quiet. He’s deliberately kept out from underfoot of the rest of the party, deliberately avoiding them. It’s not until everyone exits the caves that Delian finally address the group.

What are we doing? We’re six strangers forced to work together. We are together because of a shared desire to bringing some good into the darker recesses of the world, and of course to pay back a shared debt. We’ve been a “party” for over a month and we’re still acting like strangers. Our performance here today was a disgrace. I’m embarrassed at our performance.

Each of us brings a different skill-set to the group. We need to watch each other and learn how our companions operate. Everyone has a role to play and we need to be crystal clear on what that role is. That’s not to say that these roles are inflexible. Quite the opposite, we each need to know our role and ensure that we are fulfilling it yet understand that there will be situations where a more non-traditional approach is warranted. But the non-traditional approach needs to be the exception and not the norm.

We need to act as a single unit. Ever since we left Black Pit and headed for the mine we’ve all been doing our own thing. No one seems to be paying attention to what anyone else is doing. We need to act as one group with one plan. Not six individuals executing six different plans. When circumstances permit, we need to discus what we are going to do and then stick to the plan.

I’ve been watching this party and I can’t believe some of the things I’ve witnessed. I was content to mind my tongue and not criticize, but through my inactions this party has taken multiple beatings and an innocent man was killed. I refuse to remain silent any longer. If my criticisms will act as a slap in the face and force this party to wake up then I won’t hold back.

When it comes to exploring there are two scouts in this party: Ethan and Larien. Ethan has demonstrated his ability to move undetected, perform reconnaissance, and open locks. Larien has demonstrated her ability to move stealthfully and her keen senses have detected sights and sounds before any of the rest of ours. Everyone else, me included, is wearing heavy, metal armor. None of us should even be attempting to be part of the silent minority. Each step we make is loud and clumsy. Our place is well back of the scouts, not at their side ruining any chance of gaining an advantage through stealth. And to the scouts, you need to stick together. Wandering off alone without informing the party of your intentions is a potential death sentence. The next time someone goes off on their own may be the last time we see them.

Our combat technique is also disgraceful. Some of us have formal training others have picked up what they can from the streets. We need to work at becoming a team during a fight. What I witnessed in the cavern was disgusting. The actions of some have put this party at risk. (Delain glares at Braddoc.) You dishonour yourself and this party by being selfish and narrow-focused during the combat.

Our chaotic approach to saving the townsfolk led to the needless death of an innocent man. (Delian scowls at Jonathon). I place his death on your head. I hope the Sovereign Host will forgive you because it will be a long time before I do. During the fighting you were so busy swinging your mace that you were unable to hear your friend’s cries for help. You need to be more mindful of the battlefield and use your healing magic to help those who are in the thick of battle.

So far we’ve been lucky. Perhaps we need to decide on a party leader. Discussion is fine but we need to know that once the leader has made a decision that the rest of the party follows that decision.

Based on what I’ve seen so far I think the leader should be Sterling or me. This is a decision that we all need to agree on or else it’s not going to work.


Celestial Bison said...

Jonathon says in front of everyone but directly addressing Delian:

I'm not sure if I agree with your recollection of events. I seem to recall that many party members were searching bodies and huts while we warned that slaves were at risk in the cavern.

The valuable time we lost doing that gave the thugs time to organize inside the cavern. For what? A magic dagger? Is a magic dagger worth the life of someone that could have been saved? I say not. That searching could have waited until there was sufficient time, until the bandits were dispatched.

So while I'll take partial blame for my inability to drop the bandit in time before the guy was killed, I say that we failed as a group. Your comment about The Sovereign Host was unfair and not called for. I'll deal with my faith in the appropriate way. While I love and respect you as a friend I think we should leave our spiritual differences at the door if we are too work together.

And I think you need to cut Braddocc some slack. He did save the group from the Cave bear. His quick thinking prevented loss of life, as surely one of us would have fallen in the impending battle.

In dwarf I say, “Braddocc, remind me to buy a round of drinks and have a toast in your honor at the next town”.

Switching back to common, I continue with, “As for selecting a leader of the group, I would be more than happy with Sterling leading us once we have decided on a course of action. I feel the presence of Onatar at work when I am around him.

Is everyone ok with Sterling leading us into battle or other adventurous once we’ve chosen a course of action as a group?

Neil said...

Ethan sits by the fire, a cup of mulled ale in his hands. His mind wanders to the days events. Thinking that this is something Master Dourstone would want to know about. As he reaches for his journal Delian stands and addresses the group.

Throughout the paladins words Ethans face is an open book for the party to read. At times shock registers at the paladins bold words, other times silent agreement.

As Delian continued, Ethan wondered if he harboured some resentment towards Jonathon and the popularity of the Soverign Host as a faith.

When Delian called out Larien for disappearing Ethan stammered,
"Larien was only checking we wouldn't be approached from behind, she meant no harm." His voice quickly trailing off as his face blushed red, his eyes averted.

Delian continued and upon finishing Jonathon stood and fired back at the paladin. It was odd, watching these two men of faith banter words back in forth.

At one point Jonathon switched to a foreign tongue and addressed Braddoc. Ethan could only assume it was Dwarven they spoke. Memories of the Cogs surfaced, of goblins poking fun at Ethan in their dirty language. Anger boiled up a Jonathon's deliberate exculsion of the other's a scowl apparent on his face.

Ethan looked to Sterling, eager to see the Warforged's reaction to the discussion. Sterlings face however was a mask as it always was. Ethan wondered what the Warforged thought of its name being volunteered to lead this group.

Perhaps there is more to this party than I first thought Ethan mused. Ethan was tired though, he didn't have the care to follow what was happening. They'd all lived, he thought with a yawn, what was the big deal.

Celestial Bison said...

This is cool. Nice post Neil.