Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jonathon's Journal Entry - 8 Rhaan

Now that we have some time to rest I feel the need to journal.

Boldrei, please forgive me for failing in my duty today to protect the innocent slaves from the evil thugs that occupied the mines. I should feel good that we saved 3 of the 4. I should be raising a glass of ale and having a toast with my friends. I think it’s because we could have (and should have) saved all 4.

If only I had yelled at the party to get off their ass and stop checking bodies so we could reach them in time. Then, I wasted valuable time trying to talk with those scum. Dropping my mace was stupid. No more talking to scum like that. Next time, jumping into action is required. I had a moment to redeem myself, but failed a second time. If only I had hit with the Javelin that Dol Dorn had blessed with an Avenging Flame. My opponent’s duck out of the way from my first blow was a novice move that should not have fooled me. May the host look after his soul.

I need to be a little more direct with my friends and traveling companions when we are rushing to save someone. It’s been frustrating to watch the lack of enthusiasm with my friends when we have evil to slay. Perhaps this is a good time for me to practice leading by example and hope that some of my companions will see the way of light and honor.

Perhaps an additional prayer in my morning ritual dedicated to each party member will be a good start tomorrow morning. May the host bless my companions and I in our future missions.

The past week has been a tiring time. Three days ago we finally made it the Black Pit. After an encounter with a few slaves drivers in the inn we made our way to the mines. Another battle with slave drivers and Goblins. Which reminds me, I must sit down and chat with Larien about her hatred of Goblins some day. I can see it in her eyes. That hatred will drive her insane one day and I’m worried that she will be corrupted and turn evil. With my faith in the host, I can’t stand by and allow that to happen. She has a good soul and with the right words she can be shown the way. I’ll invite her to sit with me in prayer tomorrow morning after we break camp.

And then the encounter in the cave, which I’ve already expressed my concerns about. Our last encounter was extremely frustrating. We were trapped and no one seemed to be interested in deciding what to do as a group. We had plenty of time. Not sure what the rush was. In the end Braddoc, with a little luck from Olladra timed it perfectly and killed the bear by crushing it with the portcullis. Brilliant display. I must buy him a drink and the next town.
Until next time. May the host be with us.

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Neil said...

Rob I really like how you are adding in the elements of the Soveriegn Host into your entries. It add some great flavour! I especially like how your character berates himself for not doing enough and failing in combat.

Very cool and provides great insight into the character and how you plan on playing him.

BTW the date for this entry would be 8 Rhaan.