Thursday, August 7, 2008

Janathon - Combat Related Info

Jonathon takes pride in the fact that he fights with honor and considers each battles a test from Dol Dorn. He tries to live his life in battle as he would at the dinner table. With distinction, class and a respect for his enemies.

He will rarely strike someone from behind, will in most cases move to protect women, children or other innocents from being attacked even if it means giving up some combat advantage.

While he won't personally say anything to other characthers for their combat tactics you may see him shake his head from time to time in disbelieve if someone steps out of a shadow to backstab someone.

Flanking is ok, but he is not a fan of other sneaky stuff in combat. As a player I understand that our overall combat effectiveness may suffer occassionally as I won't be in an optimal position to give the sneaky characthers their sneak dice.

Just sharing how I intend to play this characther to give him flavor.


Celestial Bison said...

Keep in mind though that we are only 1st level. So the character concept may change as the game develops. Whether through character death, someone sitting down to chat with Jonathon in game, etc.

Right now he his very self-righteous but also inexperienced at level 1 so things might look different at 3rd or 5th level.

Neil said...

Rob, thanks for sharing this post. I think this sort of information is important. I believe we all recognize the importance of certain tactics, however I have nothing against being less than 100% effective in combat (from a player perspective) if it develops my character.

Also, as you've indicated we are first level so I would anticipate that the character will evolve, as I know mine will be.