Friday, August 29, 2008

Braddoc's Thoughts

Why wouldn't they just listen to me? Pig headed fools. They had to go rushing off to see what the big bang outside of town was. I was the only one wise enough to stay behind and guard the young child. Sure enough, shortly after they left the real attack showed up at the inn. Why do they ALWAYS fall for the diversion?!?

I fought valiantly against overwhelming odds, but alas I fell to the horde of filth. By the luck of Moradin I was only knocked unconscious, my last memory being the cry of a small child being carried off to a fate I wish not to think of.

Seven innocent bystanders shall pay the price of their decisions. Why are my companions such fools?

1 comment:

Jay Vandendool said...

He's grumpy at you and he wasn't even actually there! Hahah!