Monday, August 25, 2008

Recap #5 - Boat Brawling

30 Sypheros
Having cleared the altar room, the group tended to their wounds and took a closer look around. Delian took a few moments to study to symbols and runes decorating the altar area. The cleric was able to determine that the room was dedicated to the worship of some being devoted to creatures of poison. This seemed to coincide with some of the log entries found within the captain's log Ethan found lying amongst the debris. The log seemed to indicate that the vessel sailed for several weeks after being blown well off-course by the huge storm they encountered. Eventually they made landfall on a tropical island far to the south. Unfortunately once they were on land they were attacked by a group of orcs that fought along side a variety of large insects. The crew was able to defeat their attackers but took heavy losses. In his last entry the captain admitted his fear that the first incursion seemed only like a precursor to a much larger attack.

Having settled down, the group opted to proceed through the bow door of the main deck instead of attempting to clear the stair in the altar room. Inside they were accosted by a number of smaller centipedes and a spider. Once dispatched they discovered some brittle charts and maps and, within a small compartment, an Amulet of Health +1. One of the maps seemed to indicate the approximate location of the island the crew had found. Ethan took the maps and the group proceeded down a stairs to the next deck.

Within the confines of a hallway the party was attacked by two large spiders and a few spider swarms. With less room to maneuver the group had a bit of difficulty getting around the creatures but were eventually victorious.

Proceeding bow-ward once more the party found a room that held two humanoid figured lung up like webbed coccoons to the ceiling. Jonathon's sharp eyes noticed they actually moved a little! Had they found two of the crew? They group quickly stormed the room with the intention of freeing the captives but were surprised to find two zombies and a spider rise from the shadows and attempt to thwart them. While the battle raged, Jonathon reached the coccoons and, with a quick swipe, cut them free. To his dismay however the captives turned out to be two more zombies! The group quickly surrounded the unfortunate souls and laid them to rest permanently.

Three other rooms were empty of denizens but the party did find a shield and spear that seemed to be of tribal orcish design.

Proceeding down the hall toward the stern the group came to a closed door. Ethan's perceptive listening noted the sounds of skittering from the other side. Bursting into the room the group was confronted by a orc and 3 large scorpions. The orc was a mighty foe but some decisive blows from Braddoc and some well-placed blasts from Nenia quickly quieted the foes. Nenia was pleased to lighten the orc's burden by taking his Bloodthread Cloak +1.

Even with all their victories however, there was no sign of the goal of the mission: Aubreck's blue box. An unopened door to stern beckoned to them.

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