Saturday, August 30, 2008

Delain's Letters -- 9 Aryth, 998 YK

Greetings, father

After many weeks on the road it was good to be back in Coldflame Keep. Although I feel the presence of the Silver Flame within me wherever I go, it always feels most gratifying and pure when I’m in a holy place such as this. But before I could get too comfortable I was called to duty once more.

We were all granted full membership in the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild upon our return to Sharn and it only took a mere five days before we were charged with a dangerous recovery mission in the Thunder Sea. A man named Aubreck had fallen on hard times loosing his ship – The Emporer of the Seas – and the bulk of his estate. Aubreck had a lead on the possible location of his lost ship and he sought a group of adventurers to retrieve a small box contained in the cargo hold.

We traveled across the Thuder Sea for eight days before finding Aubreck’s ship, or what was left of it. We boarded her and began our search. There were unspeakable creatures, alive and undead, within the bowels of the distraught vessel. But our adventuring company succeeded in overcoming these obstacles and found Aubrek’s box. In addition we discovered a few other magical treasures.

I found a beautiful hand-and-a-half sword. I have never wielded a blade of this size with such balance and grace. But the blade’s true magic is its ability to deliver a blow of cold and frost when it strikes an opponent. For this reason, I have dubbed the blade Frost Bite. And so far Frost Bite has not let me down.

The return trip to Sharn only took five days thanks in large part to a strong northerly headwind and uncharacteristically clam waters. Hopefully my stay in Sharn will be longer than five days this time.

Father Tana seems very appreciative of my help when I’m around Coldflame Keep. His advanced age and mediocre health limit his duties considerably. I have noticed that his two teenage acolytes, Nondar and Liola, have found new motivation in their calling. Both have shown noticeable improvement in their tasks and much stronger motivations to do good since I started staying at Coldflame Keep. Father Tana thinks that I am unknowingly acting as a positive role model. I don’t know if I accept this explanation as readily as he does.

May the Flame keep you safe,

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