Friday, August 29, 2008

Jonathon's Wish List

Chain +2 (I’m happy with this already)
If I were to upgrade I might go for Exalted Armor +2 (Level 10)

Thundering Weapon +2 (Level 8)
A mace for now. For 4th level I am thinking of using my feat for a proficiency in Long Sword. If I do that, I’ll need this as a Long sword. I’m doing it for two reasons. 1. Role Playing – Jonathon would consider training in Long Sword an honor as its Dol Dorn’s favored weapon. As for the mechanics. It’s the same as taken Weapon Focus because it has a +3 proficiency bonus compared to +2 for a mace.

Holy Symbol
I’m happy with a +1 Holy Symbol. It’s rarely used. I have very few powers that can benefit. Most of my powers are melee/weapon focused.

Arm Slot:
Guardian Shield (Level 10)

Feet Slot:
Acrobat Boots (Level 2)
Not very powerful but I’m tired of being knocked prone. Getting up as a minor action would be nice.

Hand Slot:
Gloves of Piercing (Level 3)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power suck in 4th edition.

Head Slot:Goggles of Night (Level 14)
Helm of Ghostly Defense (Level 22)
This will come in handy when I start laying the Smack down on the evil Dark Six priest.

Neck Slot:
Cloak of resistance +2 (Level 7)
It’s has to be red to match my photo. J

Iron Ring of Dwarf Lords (level 14)

Waist Item:
Dynamic Belt (Level 9)
No more slipping on boats.

Wondrous Items:
Dimensional Shackles (Level 17)
This will come in handy to bring criminals to justice when they must be captured alive.